What is DPF?


Have you heard the term "DPF" but have no idea what people mean by it? Well let's just give you an easy "sum up" of it.

"DPF" Stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. And basically what it does is capture the diesel engine particulate matter (Soot) from the emissions of your diesel engine. Gas engines do not have this so if you have a gas engine you don't have to read this unless you really want to.

What I am going to discuss here is the basics of the Branson Tractor DPF system, this does not necessarily apply to other DPF systems as they are different in a lot of cases.

Diesel Particulate (DP) is the undburned carbon solid particle that is released from a diesel engine, the filter then filtrates the particle from being released into the air, this is why these new tractors don't smoke much anymore the filter captures all the smoke that is created by the diesel engine. You may have heard of the term "regeneration". This is the process through which the filter obtains an ubsurd amount of heat and burns off the particulate matter and shoots it out of the exhaust without a lethal effect on the atmosphere. Branson Tractors do not use a regeneration process they use what they call a "Passive" which does not require a regeneration process. Branson has a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst which changes the state of the particulate matter prior to entering the DPF, this helps extend the life of the filter itself and without having to us "Urea" or "Regeneraton". Branson has done many many hours of research on using this specific filter system vs the regeneration process or Urea. Branson uses a plasma baed DPF System which is used to extend the life of this filter. These filters are 2 in 1. They are the DPF System and the muffler to quiet the engine down as well. Branson uses a DPF Logger to record what's going on inside the system to make sure it's working as it should, it senses temperature and pressure and records it on the logger. If for some reason the system malfunctions you will have a light in the dash that will be triggered letting you know that something is not right with your DPF system, if this is the case give us a call or make sure to contact your local branson tractor dealer. This was just a quick over view of the DPF System. If you have questions please feel free to shoot me an email at: www.mrbitztractors@gmail.com


Mr. Bitz

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