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"Branson Tractors"

Here at Mr. Bitz Tractors we feel that the Branson line of tractors are top notch and heavier built than the competition. Parts availability and pricing on the Branson tractors is very competitive and in many cases much cheaper than most others. Branson Tractors are built by Kukje MFG. out of South Korea, Kukje owns a metal manufacturing company and this is why Branson is built of heavy metal and steel, they can do that and be able to keep costs down. Branson Tractors are completely built from Kukje MFG nothing is outsourced to a different company, everything on a Branson is built from the same company. These are a few of the reasons we went with Branson Tractors. "YOU GOTTA HAVE ONE"..

Grey Market tractors vs Red market tractors?????

Grey market tractors are tractors that are built in Japan for Japan. "Red" market tractors are tractors built in Japan for U.S. Use, such as the John deeres compact tractor, Ford New Holland, Kubota, and many others.. I don't believe JD has their tractors built in Japan anymore but they do continue to use the Yanmar engine. Ford New Holland is built by shibuara (from Japan). The difference between grey and red are simple.. Here is what it is..
1. No ROPS roll over protection system (Grey)
2. Usually no PTO shield (Grey) although many times they do have them installed.
3. Several PTO Speeds (Grey)
4. Throttle is backwards, push forward to bring engine RPM's down and pull back to bring engine RPM's up.. (Grey)

All of these items listed above are a result of Grey market built tractors.. Other than the above and different numbers on the hood, they are the same tractor as the Reds.. Usually the grey market tractors are much much cheaper than the reds..

Our Facility

We are currently in a 3000 sf shop/office, before this we have been selling tractors out of our home. We are very excited to see what our future will hold for us with this new facility. We have an awesome work area and a very controlled environment to keep things clean and tidy.. If your in the area please feel free to stop by anytime during our business hours. Monday thru Friday 8a.m. to 5p.m. Or give me a call if I'm not there or after hours.

Brason Tractor

Recently painted YM2610D 30hp Yanmar tractor.. and in the back ground a JD 755. Both have been "SOLD".

Brason Tractor

Here at Mr. Bitz Tractor sales we are here to help you with your every need whether it be purchasing a new or used tractor or simply looking for parts or repairs for your compact tractor, or just simply looking for some attachments to add to your tractor, we are here to help you with your transaction. We have been in business since 2010 and have helped many Mr. Bitz customers with their needs.. Our tractors that we have are quality built tractors and we will not hide anything from our customers. Our tractors will leave our facility with the equipment running the way it should we guarantee that.. We are continuing to expand our company to help serve you better.. Mr. Bitz tractors is a family owned business out of Bismarck, ND. Check back often for updated tractors and equippment.. Thanks for checking us out...

Mr. Bitz

Brason Tractor

Here is a Branson 4720H Tractor with hydrostatic transmission and front end loader. 47hp

Front of our facility

Front of our facility..

Inside our shop

Inside our shop

Main entrance into shop and wash bay.

Main entrance into shop and wash bay. Oh, ya, and my RAM truck..

Office window looking out to the front.. Office window looking out to the front..
Our Front signOur Front sign..
In Front of our buildingIn Front of our building.
This is our service centerThis is our service center.
Service area
Service area