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Website Jan. 29, 2018


Great service :)

Website Jan. 26, 2018

Joey Back

Really love your site.

Jan. 10, 2018

Tom boucher

Great and user friendly website. I like the fact that you have pricing on your new units. When I buy a new one I will give you guys a call

Dec. 3, 2017

Dan chadwick, Spokane

I appreciate your effort on the blog,etc. I have learned a great deal about my 5220, dpfs oil . Thanks

Website Sep. 27, 2017


Great photos.

Website Aug. 15, 2017

Vianey Job

I like reading your diary, keep it up.

Website Jul. 27, 2017


I'm relying on the tractor to grade and landscape my newly built home's lot ASAP, so...HELP!

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Love the site, great job, keep up the good work you're doing!

Website Jul. 11, 2017


Great site.

Website Jul. 10, 2017


Hey, I felt that you were special even if I didn't know you very well. Reading your website it's been the prove that you are onto something big, and also that you are so fun and light in your way of conveying the profundity in you.

Website Jun. 30, 2017


You have sharp eyes and doing a great follow through with the website.

Website Mar. 2, 2017

Jaime Shirley

Thanks for all informative and I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to get some ideas here, nice site.

Feb. 11, 2017


I have a "Shared with my father who has it 95% of the time but I do 95% of the maintenance, lol" Branson 4720 that recently developed an issue involving the three point rear hydraulic lift system. I have a spreader box attached to it currently as has been
done numerous times in the past and it continues to fall on its own. Symptoms are made worse by use of BL20A front end loader but do not effect the FEL. The fluid is fresh and appropriate for the tractor and best suited to Texas weather as per multiple forums
and it has a fresh filter on it. I'm relying on the tractor to grade and landscape my newly built home's lot ASAP, so...HELP!

I've already pulled the entire top control apart and cleaned to perfection, I'm assuming one of a few problems exists: sucking air in rear system only, check valve stuck open in rear system, some sort of obstruction causing bypass to occur or I don't know there's
just a gremlin that lives under the damn thing that hates me.

Website Dec. 21, 2016


Great website ! Thanks for the info.

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Very good! I can learn many new things from your website.

Nov. 25, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving