So Branson has just released a brand new tractor.  I'll bet your wondering (what HP)?  Is it a bigger one, or is it a smaller one?  If you guessed the smaller one you are correct. Branson has released the first ever for Branson Tractors a 19hp "SUB COMPACT" tractor.  This unit features a 19hp yanmar diesel engine, 2 speed very quiet hydrostatic transmission, category 1 3 point hitch, 540 rear pto, mid pto, quick attach loader, 54" mid mount mower deck.  These are schedualed to be shipped to dealers mid August. Oh, and by the way you will not touch any other compact tractor on the market even close to the price these will be.  Here are some of the specs you might be interested in learning with this tractor:

 Wet disk brakes:

Fuel capacity of 6.6 gallons

Weight without loader or mower: 1433lbs  DRY

Maximum loader lift height:71.3"

Lift Capacity to maximum height:617lbs

Loader weight: 419lbs



Mr. Bitz Tractors.